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Wow, arriving in Dakar was every bit as crazy as a first arrival in Delhi. Mad, mad traffic, bus/taxi station of unbelievable chaos and a walk through baking hot, dusty streets teaming with people, animals, machines, rubbish and extraterrestrials to the only reasonably priced hotel in town to find myself staring at a building site where the hotel should be.

I found another listed hotel nearby but had to pay heavily for it although the standard was reasonably high. Half an hours walk from the chaotic centre and I was strolling along a seafront promenade where expat French women were jogging and the beggars and touts disapeared. I quite liked Dakar but the hotel costs make sticking around too long an expensive ordeal, probably able to blame the French govenment for overpaying their employees as they do in Tahiti but Iºm not sure if thatºs true here.

The highlight of the stay was a mornings visit to Goree Island which I have given itºs own page as I took so many photographs there.

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