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The Lonesome Dove RV Ranch

We were so happy to see this sign at 8:30pm - we...

The theme carried throughout the park...

The Sea Dragon at the Ranch

How do you know if ....'re from Oklahoma?


Sunday breakfast

We decided to push on through and drive to Del Rio instead of stopping at Sanderson or Marathon after leaving Big Bend around 3pm. It was an uneventful drive, but different driving in the dark. The last hour was in total darkness, but before that we had the twilight so it wasn't so bad. I guess we drove past a beautiful lake as well as over a very high bridge, but you can't see and do everything right?

When we pulled in to the Lonesome Dove at 4832 W Hwy 90 around 8:00pm, it was pretty quiet. The place looked cute and inviting with their homemade signs and ranchy stuff everywhere, so I felt safe pulling in. The sign on the door said to go to the third fifth wheel on the right or to call for assistance. We walked along to the third RV and knocked, and a friendly guy opened the door but he had just arrived at the park from MI about an hour ago. Wrong fifth wheel. As we walked back to the RV, a woman was calling out hello, and another woman was coming from another direction. The first woman said "I've got them.." as if we were being rounded up at the ranch. A third person this time a man came along shortly as well. The welcoming committee was out in full force. We went into the office and I could see from their board that what I'd seen with my eyes was true - they were pretty full. But they found a place for us in spot #24, a pull through no less. She led us to the spot in her golf cart although it was only a short walk from the office and we settled in. We decided we'd sleep in and see what the next day brought.

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