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Sungai Palas Tea Estate

Another view of Sungai Palas Tea Plantation

House on the Sungai Palas Tea Estate

Tea Picker

Misty tropical forest

Don't do jungle walks in flip-flops!!!

Butterflies at the Butterfly Park

Loads of butterflies

Could be anyones local, but it is the Ye Olde Smokehouse in...

Once we'd been told that you could get a Devonshire Cream Tea in the Cameron Highlands the decision was made that we were going there!! The one thing we didn't realise though was that we were heading there during the Malaysian's equivalent of going to Brighton or the Lake District during the August Bank Holiday weekend - the place was mobbed!!!

The coach dropped us off in one of the main towns in the Highlands - Thana Rata. We'd had visions of the whole area being quintessentially English, with lots of Mock-Tudor buildings, cricket greens and red telephone boxes, but it looked like a typical town in Malaysia! This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it means you have a fantastic selection of food to chose from - Chinese, Indian or Malay. It was the first time we'd braved Indian food since leaving India back in December, and we had some great curry & roti at one of the street cafes.

We'd booked a trip for the next morning to take in a tea plantation, seeing the views from the highest mountain in the area (Bukit Mentigi), a 'Mossy Forest Walk', 40 mins trekking in teh jungle, then a quick stop at a butterfly farm on the way back. The trip was going fantastically.... until Stu realised that maybe he shouldn't of worn his new flip-flops for the jungle trekking part!! Some people had told us that some of the jungle paths were paved which was why he only wore flip-flops, but unfortunately this was was not one of those paths.... The flip-flops did admirably really considering we were walking through thick mud and up & down hills, and held out for half of the trek. The second half Stu had to do bare-footed! Fortunately because of the climate up in the hills all the wood is very soft, and all the paths were soft mud and he made it back to the jeep without any leeches attached or injuries!

After that ordeal the only thing that could help was a cream tea! We went to The Olde Smoke House, which was exactly like a typical old-style English pub and even had a red telephone box outside. The cream tea was devine, with freshly baked scones and proper tea with milk!

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