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Brother time

Fun on the windsurfer

No, I'm not happy to turn 50!

Birthday Celebration Night

Mike at the top of the mast

Leaving Ixtapa Marina

How many people need to assist?

Sweet Success

Nathaniel with "Dolly"

Notice the pointed toes

Lunch at Any's Tamales

Centro Market Stall

Menu at one of our favorite lunch spots

My Zihua girl buddies, Wendy and Nancy. Both had their boats in...

Bay of Zihuatenejo

More fun, diving from the cabin top

The close of another great week in Mexico

Before Mike's brother Les and his wife Debbie arrived we took a short trip to get fuel in Ixtapa and to explore Isla Grande. The Ixtapa marina has some beautiful condos surrounding it but the entrance is a navigational hazard. There is a sand bar on one side and the entrance is shallow. We entered at mid tide and we only had 1.5 feet below our 5 foot keel. That's shallow for a harbor entrance.

We spent the night at Isla Grande just about 3 mi. away from Ixtapa marina in hopes that Les and Deb would enjoy it. The snorkeling was quite nice at Coral Beach but the anchorage swirled us around at least 180 degrees within minutes with the flopper stopper down. We would have used the stern anchor but that will at times inhibit air flow through the cabin and it was too warm with the pineapple express to take that chance. After one night we decided it would be too rough for our guests and returned to our anchorage spot in Zihua just off La Ropa beach.

Mike had a chance to experience wind surfing with some friends when we returned. He felt good about being able to get up and go for a short time.

Picked up Les and Deb at the airport on 1/17 for a short stay. We took the dollar bus back to town as the cab fare is 100 pesos to the airport and 350 back. The bus is similar to a large van with bench seats on the perimeter. The people that get on are so respectful. They always utter "Buenos tardes" when entering and smile. We spent that night and the next on board relaxing and sharing what we've missed at home. Most days were spent swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, eating, shopping and eating.

On 1/19 Mike celebrated his 50th birthday. We enjoyed our first nice dinner out since we left Ventura on 10/25. We really enjoyed the view, the company and the treat. It was a night to remember. We agreed that we won't wait so long again to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. Normally we eat lunch in town and dinner on the boat . Lunches are quite good and inexpensive but the atmosphere leaves lots to be desired.

One evening we invited our friends over to visit and enjoy some food and drink. Les and Debbie got to meet some great people and learn a little more about our lifestyle while we listened on Sirius the Packer playoff game. Though the outcome of the game was not good the outcome of the party was.

A milestone was accomplished this week. Les and I with the assistance of Craig of Infinnity, got Mike to the top of our mast which is 63 ft. from the waterline. He had to replace some spreader tape and tie- wrap a bird spike that had fallen over. Mike has been resistant to do this but I am quite happy. I now know how to do this in the event we have to with just Mike and I on board. There were lessons learned that day and for that I am grateful.

Before we knew it, our guests had to return to California. We were all joyful that no one was hurt getting in and out of the dinghy, no names mentioned. I will mention that Nathaniel affectionately labeled Debbie as "Dolly". Pictures are worth a thousand words. A good time was had by all and we will miss them dearly

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