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The easily fitted Scottoiler "squid" pump and reservoir.

The fluid is released through the specially adapted jockey wheel. Nae bother...

This is an update with a difference. It is especially targeted at any cyclists who read our updates, so if you are not in to cycling you might not be interested in reading any further. For those who are interested in cycling you should definitely read on........

When we were home in June we were lucky enough to be given 2 Scottoilers to fit to our bikes by friends who own the Scottoiler company. They were very interested in our trip and asked us to try the systems and give them some feedback. What on earth are Scottoilers I hear you ask? Well, to quote from their website:

"The Scottoiler Cycle Oiler dramatically improves the service-life, efficiency and cleanliness of bicycle transmission. Gone are the days of labour intensive and dirty methods of cleaning and lubricating your chain. The Scottoiler Cycle Oiler does it for you - simply, without mess, without fuss - and whilst you ride your bike!"

Sounds good we thought but does it really work? Well after riding with them for nearly 6 months and having experienced all kinds of weather and all kinds of roads our impression so far is that YES, they definitely work! Considering the type of riding we have done and some of the dirt roads we have ridden on our chains are in remarkably good condition. The hassle of cleaning and maintenance on the road has been greatly reduced and now with some simple cleaning with water every now and again the chains look as good as new (well nearly!) In turn the running gear gets less wear and tear and we are all round happier bunnies.

The oilers were originally designed for motor bikes but have now been modified for push bikes too. They come in a very user freindly kit with easy to follow installation instructions. The fluid itself can be carried in a concentrated form that you mix 1 part fluid with 4 parts water meaning you dont have to carry too much and it goes a long way. Once again to quote their website:

How Does it work?

"Lubricates: By squeezing the "Squid" pump, a high strength film of Active Fluid is dispersed in the chain bearings. Once the water element of the Active Fluid evaporates, a very thin, almost invisible, protective layer of concentrated Active Fluid remains in place which protects the chain from corrosion.

Cleans: Any 'grinding-paste deposits' formed by a mixture of oil and dirt can be easily washed away by ordinary water. Black deposits on the hands, legs or clothing can also be easily washed away simply with cold tap water."

Yes, it all sounds too good to be true but now that we have reached our most southerly point of our trip and we have been through some pretty testing conditions we thought it appropriate to let people know that the promotion blurb really is true (and we're not just saying that because they're friends!)

It's amazing how interested other cycle tourists have been in the oilers, I don't think we've met one who hasn't looked inquisitively at the squids on our top tubes and asked "what an earth is that?" One guy actually thought they might be some kind of self injecting insulin system!! For most however they have been very impressed with the idea and quite envious of them.

So for anyone who enjoys cycle touring or in fact any regular cycling, have a look at the scottoiler website, and check it out for yourself. Improved life of your chain, more efficient running, less wear and tear and no more greasy hands and messy chain cleaning jobs could be just round the corner!!

We consider this a public service announcement not an advetisement! We are not on commission we are just pleased to be able to pass on information on a good product.

Happy cycling!!

Vicky and Nick

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