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Ream National Park

Having seen the atrocities in Phnom Penh the Cambodians have had to endure from Pol Pot's prison and the Killing Fields, the stunningly beautiful temples of Angkor Wat and an unbelievable boat ride through floating villages to Battambang it was time for us to relax. In order to relax and sun our white bodies we headed South to the fine sands of Sihanoukville. This beach in Cambodia is quickly becoming famous along the backpacker trail but also with the middle and upper class society of Cambodians.

We spent many a day stretched out on 2 of the hundreds of beach chairs that lined the beach, drinking Angkor Beers and listening to the sounds of the ocean meld with the sounds of loud music. We fended off adults and children alike selling everything from a manicure & a pedicure to handmade bracelets, scarfs and massages. You could enjoy getting the hair plucked from your body by a lady twirling string or shift through paintings done by small, poor children. We also spent a day at the Ream National Park which wasn't far from the city itself. Inside the park we ate delicious, freshly caught Barracuda and did some light trekking near the Mangrove forests. And of course spent many hours on a longtail boat getting from place to place. It was also necessary while in Sihanoukville to apply for our Vietnam visa's so we snuck that in and a trip to the local market in between naps at the beach and food at the bars.

We were refreshed and tan once again and ready to move on. Our passports will be stamped once again when we cross the border into Vietnam - next stop 'Nam.

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