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This is what you see when you look out the window of...

Leaving the airport

Lush vegetation and flatbed cars

My first roommate (Jasmine) and me in my raggedy, stanky, 30 hours...

So, we've completed the final leg of the journey. It's been a long trip, but well worth it already. I met some of the other American students on the way here, so we were able to band together a little, but the Australian kids at UniCentral are incredibly nice and hospitable and don't let anyone feel like an outsider.

My first afternoon consisted of:

* An hour-long ride in a van from the airport (Brisbane) to the Student Housing area (Maroochydore), during which I was able to assess that Australia has a lot of Holden cars, many of which keep the El Camino style alive and very strong down undah. As a rough estimate, I'd say that one in every 10 cars on the freeway had a sedan front with a pickup bed in the back. These ranged from very sporty to flatbed, but the theme was pervasive. Also, it was very humid and raining slightly - I suppose it was around 80 degrees or so. A cool day during the summer, so I'm told.

* After arrival, checkin. There were 8 of us in the van from the airport, so it took a little while for everyone to check in. My room is pretty nice; I've got a full bed and a big built-in desk & shelf, plus a big wardrobe and shelved closet. My bedroom overlooks the common area between 2 of the buildings, but the living room has a really huge deck (ground level) that overlooks the school, a lake, and a wildlife preserve with kangaroos.

* It only took me a couple of hours to unpack and get everything organized and get my internet connection set up; then a couple of us Americans walked to a mini-strip-mall that's down the street and had some fish n' chips & picked up some Victoria Bitters beer. Krikey, I feel so immersed in Australian culture! It was still raining, but it was so warm, we didn't really care. I

* In the evening, everyone gathers in different apartments or outside by the pavilion, which is an enclosure by the pool that has some pool and air hockey-type games, a TV and a stereo, etc. Still raining, still warm, still didn't care.

So everything's going well; I'll get some more pictures taken of the area after it's not raining anymore. Keep in touch!

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