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Welcome to Ramabanta

Stable block (converted!) where I stayed

Rondawels - the King has a suite in here!

My room

Entrance to the Lodge

Moody weather around the mountains

Local herdsman

View from the veranda



Rosemary finally arrived from Ladybrand at about 5pm (there had been another powercut that had delayed her car being fixed). We set off on our hour long drive mostly on dirt roads to Ramabanta. The countryside was amazing and as the evening was drawing near there were lots of herdsmen making their way back to their villages from the hills with that various cattle, goats, sheep, donkeys etc... Rosemary explained lots about the area for me as we went as she was born in Lesotho herself so that was great!

One thing she told me is that Ramabanta is so far in the mountains that there is no power there - this means no electricity or phones etc...not even a mobile signal can be got where they are! The lodge has a generator that they turn on for about 4 hours a day in the evening! Other than that there are candles and lanterns provided! I was glad to have my torch with me as well!

The lodge is stunning!!! My room was in a converted stable block and was even en-suite! It is really cute! As I was shown to my room I spotted Archie with his tent already pitched. It turned out we were the only two guests staying at the lodge! Dinner was arranged for 7pm so I had time to rest a little as I was feeling exhausted from the humidity and altitude change - we were now at 1700m+!

When I came across to the house for dinner Rosemary said that she had seated Archie and I at the same table which made sense given we were the only guests! It made me laugh as it looked like a romantic candle lit dinner for two! Dinner was delicious - soup, roast beef with rice and veg and fresh peaches for dessert. It made for a pleasant evening! After dinner we sat and chatted with Steven who works at the Lodge about the different options for the next day. Archie wanted to do some off-road biking trails that he had heard about so it was suggested that he do the Baboons trail. It looked very challenging so he was very excited about that. He decided that using the Lodge as his base for the next couple of days was going to be ideal.

Not much later another storm started brewing so we went out onto the veranda to watch the lightening. There ended up being about three storms about the valley so that was fun to watch. I headed off to bed before 10pm so as I could at least get ready for bed before the generator was turned off! The storm kept me awake for a bit but them I slept like a log as it was sooo peaceful and dark!

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