Lloyd & Margaret's Indochina Adventure 2008 travel blog

along the Mekong Delta

Scenery close to Ho Chi Minh City

Simple markets line the highways and very large ones are found in...

We saw this load of goods being transported by motorbike.

transporting rice on the delta

We continue to have a great time. There are lots of computer places, but it is hard to find time to sit down and use one as there are so many things to do!

It was a 5 hr drive from Sihanoukville to the Vietnam border -we travelled in 2 vans. It took about an hour to clear customs and we continued on to Chau Doc where we checked in to our hotel and then boarded motorbike taxis for a drive to the top of Mt. Sam for a panoramic view. It was great fun and the drivers were excellent. In Vietnam helmets are compulsory - not elsewhere! Dinner cost 102,000 dong - 16,000 dong = $1us so it was a very good, cheap meal. Most meals here are inexpensive except in the fancy restaurants and hotels.

Sunday we crossed the Mekong Delta (about 180km) by private bus. We had to take one ferry and I lost track of the number of bridges. The delta is the most fertile growing area in the country - they are able to produce 3 crops a year. There are also many fish farms and fruit growing areas. Although most of the houses along the way were primitive by our standards, the area was cleaner and the people appeared to be better off than in Cambodia. It was mainly adults selling goods - not children. Even on Sunday the area was a buzz of activity. There is considerable traffic along the many rivers that make up the delta. Boats and barges transport rice and all along the way - even on the shoulder of the highway - tarps are spread out to dry rice.

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