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Hi everyone,

Thanks for logging in and checking ou my progress. Iwill do my best to put an update up whenever I can get to an internet cafe, and hopefully I willbe able to upload some photos along the way

... Well its 10pm Thursday evening and finally I think I am packed, I still am frustrated as to how the little amount o clothing has filled my backpack... Bloody winter clothes - I'm so used to my summer stuff being able to be rolled up and take up next to no space in my bag...

Its also strange to be packing only four sets of clothes to last me 6 weeks but I know it will be cold and I can mix and match layers... Then theres the ski jacket that I had to buy as it will be cold (even though I'm rarely cold - I have to remember that the average temperature in Jinan (where I land in China and the northern parts will range between -5 and abut 5... The good part is I will finally get to see snow, I think/hope.. ONce that novelty wears off I'll probably be swearing about it but it will stil be cool.

Anyway, I had better finish oragnisig my "Brisbane bag" (so I don't have to unpack the backpack until I get to China. And also its the bag with everyones presents in it that I will probably leave with Ncole) Here's hoping my contacts arrive in the mail tomorow and hat I can find a suitable black top for the wedding.

Will hopefully post next upate Sunday night in Hong Kong.

Have Fun!


Edit 18/1/08

Feeling a bit sick this morning which s normally my body's way of telling me I"m a bit nervous. Everything is packed, the fridge is empty, washing up is done, car is locked away, only problem is I fear my yard will look like an overgrown jiungle whenI get back especially if this rain continues... So off to work I go, hopefully I can concentrate and get stuff done...

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