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The Great East Road and the Chase to the Ford

Another unsealed road for our trusty Buzza to conquer

We suggest comparing the trees and soil with the DVD for complete...

Evidence of Incas at Lindis Pass

There was weird tussockedy grass growing at the pass summit

Now up the road to Twizel

After our swim and most important shower (you don't want to smell like an orc do you now) we stopped off for some more Ring-ness near Tarras. This scene was of the Great East Road where Arwen gives a lift to Frodo and is given chase by the Nazgul. It will be hard to make any sense of that if you haven't seen Fellowship of the Ring or read the book. But then in the book it's someone else giving Frodo a lift. Enough. Then via the Lindis Pass where this weird bearded man tried to follow Denis when he was trying to go for a wee. Denis gave him the slip and wondered if it was merely beard-envy. Next Twizel for even more Ring-ness on a much grander scale - a Ring-ness tour !!

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