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What an incredible day. I thought I knew what MAJESTIC was after experiencing Alaska but the Antarctic is unbelievable. Today I awoke early and made my way down to a breakfast of papaya, pineapple juice, coffee, toast, scrambled eggs with salmon and onions and a jelly doughnut all the while feasting my eyes upon icebergs, glaciers and amazing wildlife. We saw a whale, scores of penguins jumping in and out of the water like flying fish, albatross, petrals, glaciers that dwarf anything I've seen in the Arctic and Alaska and scenery that makes you know there is a God. We made our way past Elephant Island, a gorgeous, huge, blue iceberg with a small group of penguins oiling themselves for their next plunge into the frigid waters and stunning vistas. Having awakened so early I found myself falling asleep in my seat so I just went back to my cabin for a nap. When I awoke I made my way down to the daily trivia game (never knew that Libya is the only country whose flag only has one color, green) hung out for another game show with couples and then visited with some friends on board until I decided it was time for a Jacuzzi, dry and wet sauna and a little rest before heading down to dinner with 6 other friends. After a dinner of caviar, cold cuts and green apple sauce, Yukon gold cream of potato soup and Prawns in a delicious delicate sauce finished off with fresh strawberries and ice cream, we watched 9 people sing or try to sing Karaoke in an onboard contest which will run the rest of the cruise and then some more visiting, laughing, sharing stories and jokes until the wee hours of the morning. I'm now grabbing some cookies and milk in the 24-hour buffet before retiring in anticipation of Day 2 in Antarctica. Hard to believe there is more to see but we are assured there is, so off to bed after posting this entry.

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