2007 Coast 2 Coast travel blog

Kielyn is very into Hannah Montana

Austin and Kielyn with their new rides

they wear helmets when they ride them

well - usually

Ms Razor Scooter USA

Ryleigh and Austin

between water fights

Sam and Kielyn sit it out for a while

who the hell said it was warm in Florida?

Viki and Andy's home in Parkland

Kielyn at goal

making a stop

Austin's team is undefeated so far

Boca Raton Mall - waiting to see Santa

Santa's going to have a hard time saying 'no' to this kid

Austin wondering which list he's on - naughty or nice?

the McCright family

in a family of strong people little Kielyn is still a force...

opening a present

Austin and his new skateboard

Keilyn with Aunt Tami

ready for bed

Andy, Tami and Rich

Ryleigh and Kielyn

Uncle Andy gives Sam a pool lesson

this is harder than it looks!

beach bums at Deerfield Beach

Andy and the kids

Andy and the kids

Rich and the kids

Kielyn is a dedicated shell collector and anyone going to the beach...

Tami, Ryleigh and Sam

my favorite picture of the day

Sam and Kielyn

Sam and Ryleigh

Ryleigh, Sam and Austin

the kids

the MOMS!

two beautiful sisters

Sam, Ryleigh and Austin

Florida has spectacular skies


number C59 to be exact

Sam and Kielyn

everyone staring at 'ol C59


Ryleigh doing Kielyn's nails

Kielyn reciprocating - with less success

Sam and Kielyn

Austin - check the hair!

the artist

the artist at work

this is serious stuff

shark bait

anybody got a toothpick?

our campsite at Golf View Estates in Pompano Beach

camping with the kids

a good playground


the first drops of rain


Kielyn and another anhinga

young Tarzan

young Jane


Austin and Kielyn



this camping is not bad!

proud grandparents

From December 14 2007, until January 10 2008 we 'camped' in a variety of places.


From December 14 until Christmas we stayed with Viki and Andy at their home. During this time we parked the RV at the storage place in Coral Springs.

When Tami and Rich came with their kids and Madolyn's mom Christmas night, we moved the motorhome to an RV Park in Pompano Beach. For the next 9 days we stayed there at night, commuting to the McCright home in Parkland to be with the family during the day.

Altogether we had a great Christmas and enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Years. We spent a lot of time with the kids, playing Uno Spin and Candyland with Kielyn, and taking bike rides around the neighborhood with Austin and Kielyn. Ryleigh did some drawing and painting with Kielyn's new paints, and Sam enjoyed Austin's variety of video games.

On January 3 the Norgroves left for home, and we took Austin and Kielyn camping for a night in the RV. We drove about 30 miles north to a nice city park campground on a small lake near Lake Worth. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed their first camping experience.

We returned to Parkland on Friday and stayed at the house until Sunday night when we drove up to Fort Pierce. We had an appointment to get our windshield leak fixed and we stayed overnight at a campground there so we could be at the dealership bright and early Monday morning.

The dealership fixed the leak and we stopped to top off the propane. Then we took the Coast Highway 1 south. 100+ miles on that road is a long, slow drive through some congested coastal towns. By 4:00 we'd had enough of it, and we opted for I-95 for the rest of the trip home.

The next two days we washed and emptied the RV for storage, mailed a lot of stuff home, and generally got ready to leave for home. On Wednesday January 9 we took the RV back to the storage yard and reluctantly said 'goodbye'.

We awoke at 4:30 Thursday morning and drove to the Fort Lauderdale Airport. We turned in our rental car and checked in to Southwest. An hour later we were on the plane and headed back to California. There was a stop in Houston and then a non-stop to Oakland and we arrived about noon, just late enough to miss the 12:00 Airport Express to Sonoma County.

We caught the 2:00 o'clock bus and before dark we'd arrived at Sonoma County Airport and taken a taxi to Athena's house. Madolyn and I were home by about 7:00 and found our house nice and clean and warm. Adri and Gay had brought us a beautiful 'Welcome Home' bouquet and a fine assortment of snacks and food so we wouldn't have to go right back out to shop. What a nice arrival!

That pretty much concludes this trip. At this writing (January 20,2008) we have a little over 9 weeks to get caught up on doctor and dentist appointments, home maintenance, taxes, and all the other home stuff before we leave again for Florida to pick up our baby and begin the 2008 leg of the trip.

One thing we don't have enough time for is seeing the family and friends here. Missing you all is the only downside of this kind of traveling, but it is a serious and painful downside. It is made just a little less painful when we know you are 'riding with us' via this wonderful mytripjournal website. As we said before, the URL of our next trip will be mytripjournal.com/2008keys2canada. We hope you will join us, and when the time comes we will let you know. In the meantime, thank you so much for all the love and support this past year! We love you all.

Madolyn and Dimitri

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