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Today was truly and incredible adventure! We were given the opportunity to visit another remote Karen camp on the special day of their New Year. We began with breakfast at 7:00am, and then were on the road by 8:00am. Traveling to the camp consisted of a one-hour drive and then a one-and-a-half-hour long-boat ride on the river. The day was warm and sunny, and the river was a beautiful emerald green lined on both sides with white sand and large rocks that swept up into dense green jungle. We snacked on fresh oranges and Ju-Ju fruit (which tastes like a combination of a pear and an apple) that we had purchased in the market, while we enjoyed the scenery. At our destination, we were greeted by curious, chattering children. Our guide led us up the steep hill for about a 10-minute walk to a house where we were served water, and invited to rest.

Our guide informed us of the history of the camp, as well as some of the inhabitants. We then hiked about 20 minutes to another section of the camp to visit the high-school. We met several teachers and a few of their students. We showed them our photos of Alaska, and told them about our home. We were then taken back to the guesthouse for a delicious lunch of noodles, chicken, and soup. We visited with several people, played with children, and snapped photos. Then it was time to trek back to the river to catch our boat for a return ride. We reflected on our adventure as we enjoyed the peaceful boat ride, and napped as we drove back to our hotel. Then we made a short walk to a restaurant for a delicious Thai-style dinner before our night's rest.

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