Jan's Antarctica Adventure 2007-8 travel blog

Sunrise 0327, Sunset 2212

Back on the Southern Ocean. After the past few days of beautiful weather and calm water conditions, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to be on one giant rollercoaster for 24 hours. I was woken a few times during the night by huge waves crashing against the side of the ship (our cabin is on the starboard side), but low to the water line in the middle of the ship, so is not Lurching nearly as much as cabins two decks higher and nearer the front. People tell us we have a good location. It sounds like a giant washing machine outside at times. Slosh, slosh, slosh, crash against the side of the ship. Late morning we went through a fog bank and visibility was fairly limited. Some passengers reported horizontal snow! So you probably get the picture. And apparently we haven't reached the worst of the seas yet - that happens around 60 degrees south (probably tomorrow). However, I'm happy to report no seasickness.

Inside, ship life goes on as normal. We had very interesting lectures today on global warming and whales of the southern ocean. The global warming lecture stimulated quite 'heated' debate and I suspect will continue on for the next few days. The lecturer was coming from a scientific background and also talked on the effects of logging in Australia. It was very interesting because most of what I have read is through the media who tend to sensationalise things, so getting a scientific perspective gave me new insights. The lecture on whales was also interesting. I didn't know there were two main classifications of whales (baleen and toothed), or that there were so many species in the Southern Ocean (Killer, Sperm, Blue, Fin, Humpback, Southern Right, and the most common Minke). Now when I sight them I might have more of an idea which is which.

Tonight there was an auction of Mawson Hut memorabilia in aid of the Mawson Hut Foundation. $30,000 was raised. There were some fantastic pieces of artwork and photographs amongst other memorabilia. My contribution was buying an apron for $35. Last of the big spenders I know!

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