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Traditional transport around Melacca

Matt receiving some last minute instructions

Matt applying the Naan in the cooker

Our favorite restaurant


We left Taman Negara and had to catch a couple buses to get back to Kuala Lumpur. After the leeching ordeal we decided to pamper ourselves.....dinner at Nando's (kind of like Chili's, but better) and a movie (The Last Legion). It was a nice, relaxing evening.


We applied for our India visa and then caught the next bus back to Melacca. We chose to revisit Melacca just to eat at our favorite (Indian) restaurant - Pak Putra.

11.2.07 to 11.4.07

I caught a little cold, so we took it easy during the days and ate at Pak Putra every night. One night I was being inquisitive on how they cooked the tandoori chicken and naan so the chef offered to let me put the naan in the tandoori pot. The pot is a large clay barrel with an opening at the top about a foot and a half in diameter. The uncooked naan is stuck by hand to the inside of the barrel. The chef did it so easy and effortlessly, I thought, why not? He gave me a naan and let me at it. The heat was so intense that I was barely able to get the naan into the top inside edge of the barrel. We walked back to our table and I noticed the smell of something burnt. I soon realized that the smell was coming from the hair that was completely burnt off my arm.

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