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Cynthia enjoying the 'best ever' noodle soup

We got an "Express" bus to Cherating this morning. Cynthia wasn't feeling very well so the nice big seats were a pleasant surprise. We stopped at noon at a local bus stop with food stalls for lunch. We found a food stall where Cynthia had the best noodle soup ever and, believe me, we have sampled more noodle soups than I care to remember. We loaded back up on the bus and ten minutes later the bus came to a stop. The "conductor" informed us that this was our stop. We gathered our bags and as the bus was driving away we saw a sign on the side of the road that read "Cherating". We looked around and saw nothing but a dusty dirt road. We were a little concerned but then a local told us to walk down the road for about a mile to get to the town. We smiled and said thank you and thought to ourselves (not for the first time) "what have gotten ourselves into?"

We made our way into town, which was nothing more than a single dirt road. Choices of places to stay could have been better but we did find a decent place. We stayed in Cherating for three days in hopes of some waves, but according to the surf shop the surf season doesn't start for another couple of weeks. Each day we took the local bus back to the bus stop so that Cynthia could have her noodle soup for lunch. Even though there were no waves, we really enjoyed our stay. The only major draw back was that our room was next door to the only night spot in town. Each night a band would start at around 10pm and croon until around 4pm. On top of that, the band chose to sing American songs in their "best" English. Yea.

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