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The Dam & The Lake

The Suspension Bridge

Got up ate and hiked to highway where we got a trotro to Atimpoku that the 4 of us just managed to fill and away we went...By 11 we had ckd into Adomi Hotel near tro tro stop, got a taxi to the dam(largest reservoir in the world by area). One hour later we had returned to hotel having decided the ferry trip for 5 hours was not worth the 20 bucks. The gal let us chk out giving us our money back and we continued our travel N to HoHoe.

Dec 5

Once we arrived(after trotro brkdown & transfer) we went to Pacific Guesthouse where we ckd in. The road N. became progressively worse the further from Accra we got ie more pot holes and narrower asphalt paving reminding us of Guinea.

Ghana is on a different economic plain if you judge by the houses...90% are tin roofed, very few thatch roofs even in sm villages and 80% are cement block vs mud & waddle construction...although we saw more wooden houses & mud/waddle the further N. we progressed.

Since the jungle is gone there is a great deal of uncontrolled burning, said to be what they always have done to enhance new grass growth for livestock. But with jungle the large trees and much undergrowth does not burn whereas now most everything is affected and any new trees starting are killed every seasonal burn thus no jungle will come back, just low bush/scrub and weeds/grasses!

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