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Seattle Space Needle

This is a mess because I'll be adding bit by bit as the journey progresses. Sorry!

Monday April 26, 2004

Zoe and I left Whistler at 10.30 this morning and arrived in Seattle at 7pm. The journey was long but the scenery was beautiful and I managed to catch up on all the sleep that I've lost over the last week. We are staying in a dodgy hostel in the city and had to go out for the night because it is so hot and smelly in here. The weather is gorgeous outside though - like a warm summer's night on the Gold Coast - so we took a short stroll with a few other people from the hostel to a nearby pub where 'The Thrills' were playing. They're quite a good band and I really enjoyed their performance but now it's time for bed so that Zoe and I can do some serious sight-seeing tomorrow.


Tuesday April 27, 2004

People were coming and going from our hostel room all through the night and I could not stop coughing so as a result, I didn't sleep very well. The teperature outside dropped dramatically too, and our window was open but I was too lazy to close it so I spent the night freezing to death.

A free breakfast was offered at the hostel but the kitchen was 'absolutely mingin' (as Zoe would say) so we walked down the street to a bagle shop and ate there instead. Afterwards, we took a short stroll through the markets on the waterfront and then got on the monorail to the Experience Music Project. What a great place! Zoe and I spent hours in the music studios, jamming away on the guitar, drums and piano, just dreaming of the day when we actually sound good enough to record our first album.

In the evening, we had a flight to San Diego. That was an experience. To begin with, our flight was delayed, then when it came time to land in San Diego, we couldn't because of thick fog. Instead, we circled above LA for a while, then landed in Ontario which is slightly inland. From there, six plane loads of people were bussed to San Diego. By now, our arrival was almost three hours late and because it was too late to check into our hostel, Zoe and I had to fork out a heap of money to stay in a crappy hotel near the airport. It was nice to have a big bed though.

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