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We made it to Buenos Aires. The worst part is that the people with the tightest connections were some of the last to get their luggage off that charter flight. We had been told in Ushuaia that the Orient Lines reps in Buenos Aires were working to make sure we'd make our connections, but once we got there, it didn't seem that they'd done much.

Once we got our bags (mine was one of the last), we had to go all the way around from the charter terminal to the international terminal, and check in with American Airlines. Patty had been booked on the non-stop to JFK, which was leaving an hour eariler than the connection the rest of us were taking through Miami. We heard pretty quickly that that flight had left without even being full, and AA told Patty that they wouldn't be able to get her out until TUESDAY!! She was unbelievably poised under the circumstances.

Meanwhile the rest of us were trying to get checked-in and hearing that the Miami flight is overbooked and they're looking for volunteers. Not a good sign. Holly and I both had seat assignments, so we weren't too worried until they checked us in and informed us that Holly didn't have a seat assignment. Thank heavens she understood the implications and refused to leave the counter without a seat assignment. The agent balked at first, but luckily I had a printed copy of her reservation which showed her original assignment. Short version is that they eventually coughed up an aisle seat after swearing up and down that none were available.

Then we had to go pay an airport tax before hauling butt to the gate. Sheera was kind enough to wait for us and show us where we needed to go for all of that. By the time we got to the gate, the flight was already boarding so we walked straight on. From what we could tell, all of our group that were supposed to be on the flight made it, but there were others who were bumped. The infuriating thought on that is that there were more than a fandful of non-rev passengers who WERE on the flight, and yet they told Patty and others they wouldn't be able to get a flight until Tuesday. That's not right.

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