James & Christine Round the World 2008 travel blog

Although it was a cloudy start the day turned into the best of our time here and in the afternoon we sat by the pool as we had to vacate our room by 11am.

It was a shame so much of the hotel facilities were being renovated but it is a wonderful setting and must rank among the best places we've stayed almost matching the Mauritius hotel Katherine & Stuart will remember.

All too soon it was time to leave and we caught the water taxi back to the airport for our flight to Papeete. Apart from me making a mistake and sitting on the wrong side of the plane for the views the trip was uneventful apart from the loud french speaking guys who didn't stop talking for the whole flight.

After four weeks of foreign language we are looking forward to getting to New Zealand and back to English or New Zealand version thereof

We checked our flight for the morning and were told to be back at the airport by 4:30am but the Sheraton said we could sleep in till 4:45 and not get to the airport until 5:30am. Wow a lie in!!!

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