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It's only 14:45 but as we still have 8 minutes left we'll start todays diary.

We woke at 6:30 and drove out to see the sunrise. half way there it was apparent that there were too many clouds in that direction so we drove back and up to Anakena beach again to hope to get a better view from there.

After waiting an hour when the clouds moved slowly to keep the sun covered eventually it appeared and we got some nice photos of the Moai on the beach there which when I eventually find an internet cafe which can read my memory card I'll upload for you to see.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the hotel owner got us the rental car without any paperwork or driving license so I assume insurance was non existent. That must be why Christine was so nervous and screamed everytime I approached the road edge or another oncoming vehicle! Ok sometimes I forgot to drive on the right but no-one's perfect and she didn't want to drive!

The rest of the morning was spent packing and calculating how much money was needed to settle the hotel bill.

See you later in Bora Bora maybe.

Well, an eventful end to our time in Easter Island. We were taken to the airport at 7:30pm to check in for our 10:25pm flight only to find it was delayed until 2:10am. so we checked our cqse in qnd then went back to town and at last saw Tapati as the show eventually started with dancing, singing and polynesian history of Rapa Nui.

The day was even longer than we had expected but we were pleased to have seen some of the festival.

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