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Not much sleep last night as I think I ate too much dinner! 6:30 am start to be ready for the airport transfer at 7am. No problems at the airport and the flight was only 20 minutes late leaving but made up more than this on the way so we arrived early in Rapa Nui (Easter Island). We have noticed a disadvantage of digital cameras. People take pictures of anything and one guy took 10 pictures of the video screen in the plane showing the maps and route we were flying and numerous pictures and video of his family sitting in the plane. Get a life comes to mind!

We were met at the airport by Edith from the hotel and a lei of frangipaani flowers to put round our necks.

The hotel is good with larger rooms than Santiago, ceiling fan rather than air conditioning but thats enough although we could do without the ants sharing all parts of the room and the bed until we moved it away from the wall.

In the afternoon we went for a walk into the town and beach and saw our first Moai statues. After ice cream it was back for a siesta.

Only downside is that you can't get US Dollars on the island but most things are priced in US dollars but the Chilean Peso equivalent to pay seems much dearer. I just hope the Thomas Cook exchange rate was worse than it is now.

Dinner of local fish and chicken for Christine by the harbour and an early night will let us catch up on last night'slack of sleep.

No tours available till Thursday so tomorrow will be a quiet day but the annual festival starts on Friday.

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