James & Christine Round the World 2008 travel blog

26th January

After a cold wet night there was snow on the hills and very low cloud and we were worried the airport would be closed but although the early morning flights were cancelled, by late morning the cloud had lifted and flights were ok.

We spent the morning packing and updating the trip journal and at long last have found somewhere we can upload the photos although the connection is slow and at times flaky so decided that four or five photos was the most we could manage at the moment. We hope you enjoy them.

At the airport we checked the case through to Santiago and hoped it would make the connecting flight ok.

All went well until we passed through security at Lima and they decided to empty our bags of all creams and liquids including toothpaste, deodorant, water and after shave and put it all in clear plastic bags. They then let us put it all back in our bags and carry on. What was that all about?

After four hours at Lima airport, not the most entertaining airport we have visited, the flight to Santiago left on time and we arrived at 2.10am local time being 2 hours ahead of Peru but it was nearer 3am by the time we got to the hotel and found our room. A travel agent would describe it as a bijou apartment but we knew it was small and hot.

Fortunately the air coditioning wasn't too noisy and we both slept until the alarm set for 9.30am.

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