James & Christine Round the World 2008 travel blog

Rondane, Shepley End

4am is very early to start this holiday but the taxi is booked for 5am and there's still things to finish.

Apart from the taxi driver increasing the fare there were no problems with check in and time for a cup of coffee and bacon roll. One way to empty the fridge!

We made sure we bought some water to avoid a repetition of the problems on the last flight and then left a dark and wet London far behind.

The plane was quite empty so we had room to spread out but this was the short flight to Madrid.

We had about 90 minutes to connect with the Rio flight so proceede to transit security where low and behold the water we carefully bought in Heathrow was confiscated.

Christine wasn't having that so we reclaimed our water, went back through secirity and drunk the lot.

Next stop back through security again and find the departure gate

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