Fiona's Around the World Adventure 2005 travel blog

Keep the Camera straight!

No I can't light my Cigarette from your mouth

Too many Tiger Beers

I've Driven him to the cigarettes

Don't ever let me drink Cocktails again - manybe just one more!!

Romonds Wife in the porch - a lovely host

The Boy's talking man talk!!!

Our second day in Malaysia was very chilled out - our first nothing day really!!! We did very little just walked along the beach, lazed in the sun, read our books and then went into the village and ate some coffee - feeling a lot less intimidated this time!!! We then got the local bus into the next town - the bus was great but the town was horrible, full of tourists, shops, pubs and stalls selling English Breakfast yuck!!! We have found ourselves slipping into village life very easily and comfortably and hated being surrounded by so much commercialism.... We walked around the shops and markets and finally found a restaurant that I could bring myself to eat in. The chicken actually looked like chicken and tasted like chicken!!! Matty had soup, rice, satay and chicken and of course most of mine!!! We then went for a coffee in a local bar and ended up having quite a few tiger beers then back home to the chicken barn to bed. We had really fallen into the lazy life in our village but of course us being us something had to go wrong somewhere!!! We had to leave Romonds at 12am to give us enough time to get a taxi to the Ferry and a Ferry to the train station. Our train was leaving at 2pm. After probably a tiger beer to many (as you can see from the photos!) we woke up quite sleepy. Our fake tag watch read 9am - excellent plenty of time.... Matty walked to the kitchen to have a nice, long, cold shower and I turned over for a little snooze to the sweet sound of clucking chickens!!! A short time later I was abruptly woken by Matty pounding up the stairs shouting its 12.30 - yet again our fake purchases let us down!!! As we raced round our cell trying to pack (not an easy task for me) Romond our innkeeper was outside trying to hail a taxi from the road. In 2 days I think we saw 2 cars pass by - but finally he got one! We waved goodbye and sadly left our little village of Tuluk Behang leaving Romond and his cleaner sorry wife behind us!!!

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