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Today was to be our last zodiac landing on Half Moon Island. Our staging time was 6:20 in the morning, so most of us ordered room service and crashed early in order to be ready on time. Holly and I had a wake-up call at 5:30, and were having some trouble getting motivated to get our gear on, when we noticed that the boat wasn't even anchored. We were making bets that the landing would be delayed. At 6am the Captain announced that the winds were 25-30 knots, so it was unsafe to run the zodiacs. By that time I was partially dressed, so just crawled back into bed in my long johns, and got a few more hours of sleep.

By the time we got up for breakfast, the water was noticeably more rough, so we put our seasickness patches back on. As much as I love the fact that they keep you from heaving, and I can deal with the major dry mouth, it also tends to blur your near vision, which is a drag. I couldn't read or work on jigsaw puzzles without it making me queazy.

I may not do it very often, but I can get into a good jigsaw puzzle. (Erin and I used to open a bottle of wine and dive in.) One of the ways to kill time on the ship is that there was a puzzle room, and there were generally several underway at any given time. This was one of those "common ground" activities where no shared language was required. At one point I worked on one with at Japanese couple who spoke only a little more English than I do Japanese. Luckily it only took nods and shakes of the head to reach consensus, and cheering is universal. Anyway, with the patch on I couldn't last more than about 10 minutes before the lack of clear focus made me sick.

I ended up hanging around the cabin watching TV or napping a bit for lack of something else to do. I actually tried going to a lecture this morning, but as they're held in the Ambassador in the bow of the ship, the bobbing was MUCH worse there, and I only made it about 20 minutes before several of us had to bail.

Holly went to the gym and had a tough time staying on the elliptical machine. Later in the afternoon they actually closed off the treadmills saying it was too dangerous under these conditions.

I didn't realize until we went to dinner that the paper things decorating the hallway grab bars all day were actually sickbags. Hmm. A few people did need them. Poor Veronica...

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