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Green Turtle Along the Beach...Huts...Doing our Usual Stuff

Pre Xmas Tournament

Tim Digs For the Ball...We Won This One!

Xmas Day Sand Ediface Contest...Judges Tim, Michelle, & Ken(or Best Remembered at...

Santa's Sleigh, Team Blitzen=Jess, Kari, Sarah(+borrowed others) 4th Place Most Creative Animated...

The Sleigh

Overlanders=Nic, Robin, & No Show Jake!

Team Orange=Styn, Jojannelue + Tied For 2nd Place Teamwork,Size, & Ornate Vision

Fresssacke=Hannah,Anna, &Julia Winning Effort #3 Best Asthetic Design


Merry Christmas=Mari,Annmarie, & Floris Tied For 2nd Place

Team Merry Christmas Again

Team Journeyon=Justin,Ryan,David, & Lisa Good Effort

Team Turtles=Lisa,Maggi, & Anne 1st Place Grand Hotel Design

The 1st Place Winners and Their Creation

One of the Room Huts We Stayed In

Another Shot of Beach Huts, Main Hut in Back(Gerhardt & Teresa at...

From Elmina(after tour of St. George's Castle (according to our guide some 7 million sla ves passed thru during a period from 1637-1872...Dutch and 1872-1957...Brits, who called them conscripts and sent them to India. Over 60% of them died along the way) via 3 taxi rides and 2 minibuses-Tro Tros we arrived at Green Turtle Lodge around 5 p.m. Very luckily as it turned out Max the manager was able to put us up in two tents and from then on due to cancellations, etc. they worked with us for our entire stay thru Jan. 1st putting us up or maybe putting up with us and moving from hut to hut as cancellations or situations changed!

Beach is for me the huge attraction of this phone, no connection with the outside except going back via Tro Tro to Takoradi(closest big town) about one and a half hour trip. The water is perfect temp, the surf is great for body surfing tho a bit short on runs since it is quite shallow at low tide. I have gotten a bit W.Africa'd out meaning the French, the constant begging, selling,general street scene bargaining always...I needed a rest this being haole country, mostly Euros altho a lot of PCVs come here as well.

Travelling from Burkina F. South into Ghana and then to coast we saw the savanah anddry interior change dramatically after Tamale and before Kumasi...more humid(read VERY humid)and green and rolling "mountain-like" terrain. The clear cutting of jungle is all along the way, a few tall trees surrounded by many hectares of low, dense brush/vines or cultivated banana, citrus, and coconut groves. The people are very friendly and helpful mostly but still anxious to get every cent they can from us, ha! Their English is a bit obscure, that is when talking w/ someone other than us it is unintelligeable perhaps because they are talking in tribal lingo with a few English words thrown in. Their economy has gone from gold(olden days) to slaves to mining & natural resource extraction today. Since the Ashanti make up the largest sincle tribal group, their king is to some more powerful/important than Ghana's president. The king is only in his 50s and rules for life.

Also, 80% of the land is controlled by tribal chiefs so income from development or land goes to these chiefs who can do what they please w/ it. Being one to the most densely populated countries in W. Africa and a lg majority work in agriculture(most women) it stands to reason that a recent Economist article stated the economy should gain due to higher food prices world wide boding well for Ghana's future. However, much $$ also enters via NGOs(faith based & others) which has influence Ghanians to view the outside world as wealthy and thus the place to go(US or Europe). How the drain of these potentially contributing Ghanians will play out in the future is anybody's guess. Faith in their own county becoming more prosperous & therefore, their willingness to stay and be part of it VS leaving to greener pastures elsewhere and potentially defeating the overall development and progress here at home!

Christmas day we celebrated and had Green Turtle's First Annual Sand Ediface Contest! See pics.

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