CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

The view out of the cable car ride up to Kuranda across...

The picturesque Baron Falls which you can see on the way up...

The Australian pigeons seem to be a bit more colourful than ours!

CJ, the 'bird woman'!!!

One of the many beautiful parrots at Birdworld

The Scenic Railway route back down to Cairns

CJ - On my last day in Cairns I decided to go and explore the town of Kuranda even though I was a bit wary as Bexta had not had a great time the day before. The trip started with a ride up through the mountains and over the tree tops of the forests in a cable car stopping off a couple of times on route to have a look at the surrounding rainforests and Barron Falls, a spectacular waterfall.

Kuranada is a lovely little town, that is getting a bit commercial now, but is full of many sovenir shops, cafes and restaurants, and markets, so plenty of places to spend my money in!! I did however buy a package to see the 3 main tourist attractions here - the Butterfly Sanctuary, Birdworld and Koala/Reptile World. Birdworld had to be my favourite as all the birds were free to fly about throught the sanctuary and there was actually an area where you could feed them, which I did and consequently had a few birds all swarming round me and even sitting on my head as you can see in the photos!!

Unfortunately the storm that had been brewing up in Cape Tribulation then followed me back down to Cairns and onto my trip to Kuranda. It was sunny for a few hours then the rain poured down again so my ride back down to Cairns on the Scenic Railway was not as picturesque as it could have been I'm sure, but very enjoyable anyway.

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