CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

CJ and a young Joey called Holly!

The baby squirrel gliders that were being hand reared at a sanctuary...

The longest python snake in captivity in Australia at over 5m long!

The beach at Cape Tribulation

A 'fig swamp' tree!

CJ upon her steed 'Raja' at Cape Tribulation, who is a bit...

One of the many signs to be found in Cape Tribulation!

Another deadly creature you need to watch out for in Australia!!

The Daintree River

Hundreds of fruit bats that we saw on the cruise down the...

A female croc that we spotted on the Daintree River sunning herself!

Believe it or not but this green blob is a 'White Lipped...

A Commorent drying out in the sun!

Mossman Gorge where we stopped off for a dip on the way...

Both of us having gone our separate ways for a few weeks, explored Cape Tribulation and the Daintree river and rainforest, but separately and therefore had slightly different experiences.

CJ - I signed up for a 2 day tour when I got back from my liveaboard trip. The tour bus drove you up to Cape Tribulation stopping off at a few places on the way including a wildlife sanctuary where I had a cuddle with a very cute Joey, saw the longest python snake in captivity in Australia which is over 5m long, and also saw some baby Squirrel Gliders which had just been born and were being hand reared. Squirrel gliders are a sort of squirrel (but much cuter) and have a flap of skin under the front legs which they open up and use like wings, and jump from tree to tree!

As I only had a short time in Cape Tribulation I booked my tours up front before I went. The first one being a horse riding trek through the rainforest and along the beach. This ride was much better than the last one that I had experienced in Coffs Harbour, as it was a much smaller group this time and I got to go and have a canter with one of the guides many times throughout the ride. It was a shame though but I was hoping to ride in the sea which is what they advertised, but as it is 'stinger season' you can't. A good ride though to keep me going until I start my cowgirl course in a couple of weeks.

In the evening I then went on a night walk. It didn't acutally help that the thunder and lightening had just started as we set off (it's there rainy season at this time of year), so going through a rainforest in the pitch black with thunder and lightening didn't fill me with a huge amount of confidence! But the guide didn't seem bothered so off we set in search of some wildlife. We spotted a many things, including snakes, toads, lizards, rats, and plenty of creepie crawlies - many Huntsman spiders which as you can imagine I was overjoyed at, seeing their huge webs hanging between the trees!! We didn't spot any crocodiles though, but I did get a chance to see one on a cruise up the Daintree river the following day. It's quite hard to spot them at this time of year because it's so warm, in the winter they need to some out onto land to warm up as the water is a bit cold, but at the moment it's just so hot, they stay in the water to cool down which makes it harder to spot them. We also saw hundreds of fruit bats hanging from the trees during the cruise.

The following day having spent the morning doing a bit of trekking and walking through the rainforest myself I then boarded my minibus back to Cairns. On the way back we stopped off at Mossman Gorge for a swim in the river which was lovely and refreshing in that heat. Such a clean river. Then our last stop before returning to Cairns was Port Douglas. Port Douglas is a lovely place, but apart from sunbathing, and shopping there isn't really a lot to do here. I would have loved to just chill out for a night there but I didn't have enough time or money, another trip maybe.

I enjoyed my trip up to the rainforest but 2 days was enough for me, and I was glad to get back to the civilisation of Cairns as it can be a bit remote up at Cape Tribulation.

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