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Waves breaking over the starboard bow

Salmon Rilettes in Vichyssoise

Veal Tenderloin wrapped in filo pasty with Duxelles, port wine sauce, vegetable...

Ice Bombe "Antarctica"

Sunrise 0521, sunset 2109

Another day in the Southern Ocean as we continue to slog towards Hobart. Wind speed today was up to 45 knots and sleeping last night was only intermittent. Sea state was rated as rough. The air temp is a balmy 9 degrees C and water temp 10 degrees. I am becoming incredibly good at balancing in rocky conditions. I took some photos of the seas but it doesn't really do justice to the conditions. I couldn't go out on the bow to take any photos because it was just too dangerous. You'll have to settle for one from the side door (one handed as I was hanging on to the door handle with the other!)

I mentioned in an earlier diary entry that food forms an important part of an Expeditioner's Day. Tonight we had a Degustation Menu (weekly special) prepared by Chef Lothar Greiner which I thought I would share with you.

Salmon Rilettes in Vichyssoise

Cappuccino of Cannellini Beans & Pumpkin

Small Salad with Prosciutto, Croutons and Sun Dried Tomato

Veal Tenderloin wrapped in filo pasty with Duxelles, port wine sauce, vegetable mousse and pomes duchesse

Ice Bombe "Antarctica"

Cheese, dried fruit and nuts.

It was all delicious and luckily quite small serves. Please also note that I am not Miss Piggy and normally don't eat this much, but the weekly special is, well, special. However, I will need to go on a diet when I get home!

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