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Merry Christmas

Really outdid myself this year! Notice the hand woven table runner in...

Did I tell you the one about the 5 liter bottle of tequila/moonshine or?!?!?

We were enjoying lunch near the playa just before Christmas and we noticed who turned out the be the owner, eating soup when a guy walked up with a jug of unknown liquid and gave him a sample and a slice of lime. After some discussion, the owner shook his head in approval and an agreement was made. Of course Mike's curiosity was way over the top now. As we finished lunch Mike headed over to the old man to quiz him about what was in the jug. He handed Mike the remainder of his drink and the lime he had just sucked on. I will admit, Mike did try the liquid but passed on the lime. He asked how much and the old guy told Mike that it was really good stuff from Jalisco where tequila is made. The guy agreed to get us a 5 liter jug for $400 pesos ($38 USD) if we came back in 20 minutes. As we waited, we went to check on our dinghy due to the approaching low tide. Who should we run into on the way? ......the guy toting a jug of tequila. We struck a deal with him for $250 pesos which means the old guy didn't get his profit. A couple of other cruisers told us that they too have bought some good tequila this way.

Funny how things go in Mexico. We get up in the morning and couldn't even imagine what will happen. It's not bad, just always different than you ever expect.

Oh yeah, the tequila is quite good and makes great boat margaritas! If you don't know what a boat margarita is, ask Debbie the reigning boat margarita champ.

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