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I'm not quite sure why I've come here, I could have gone straight to Algeceras from Granada but thought I'd have a quick visit to the Costa del Sol first. I think it also means that I will get to the ferry earlier tomorrow and homefully get to Fes by Christmas night. I've heard a few people running Malaga down but it's not that bad and certainly ok for one night, they also have the best christmas lights of this trip.

So, I got to spend christmas eve in Spain, I had a room with a TV and was doing a spot of early evening chanel flicking when the TV was kaken over by the King. Virtually every station came up with the message - "Mensage, S.M. el Rey." I liked that; SML King, Ive been made king of Spain!

As I had a long journey to look forward to I decided to stock up with "on the road" snacks at the local supermarket, fighting my way through crowds of last minute shoppers, certainly enough effort to reward myself with a bottle of plonk. I wandered around the busy streets for a while but retired fairly early to get some sleep. Easier said than done, even on the outside of a bottle of Spains finest, as first my old mate Thor came to welcome baby jesus with some loud drumming and watering can and then the damn bells all over the city started going and wouldnt stop.

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