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Looks like a coconut..


Another one

View from Manuelita's on the Beach

Just a little front yard scene

Another front yard - See the Devil on left?

Rocks, etc. leaving the bay

This is a Flopper Stopper

On our trip south we saw some amazing things. We noted about a dozen humpback whales. I was so upset I missed THE Kodak whale moment. I was reading in the cockpit and Mike looked up and was speechless, 'huh, huh, huh', which made me turn to see what was up. I caught the sight of a whale's fluke diving down vertically just 8 feet from our cockpit. Rats! What I can share with you is the unbelievable number of turtles we saw on our way south, hundreds. Really. We would see what appeared to be a large floating coconut. As we approached, the coconut dove. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I really liked taking them.

We anchored close to shore in the huge bay with one other boat. The big and beautiful bay filled up that night with about 8 other cruising boats. It appears we are a little ahead of the crowd of cruisers heading south for the winter. Unfortunately, we didn't deploy the flopper stopper the first night thus we did what I call the 'rock-a-bye-baby' all night long. In the morning, Mike was happy to deploy it for us. If you are wondering what in the heck is a flopper stopper I will fill you in. It is a stainless steel shutter contraption that is hung from the boom and extended as far to the side of the boat as possible and lowered about 14 feet underwater. This reduces roll from side to side by about 75%. Huge difference. We have a new rule on Blue Aweigh, if we deploy an anchor, we deploy the flopper stopper. Nothing like a good night's sleep.

We landed on a small protected beach to start and return to. We snorkeled in a nearby area and were amazed at just how clear and beautiful the sea life was. It has been a long time since we have seen such good conditions while snorkeling.

So we enjoyed some food ashore and took a walk in this little town. Saw some pigs and chickens outside one home and an interesting nativity scene with el Diablo in the background at another home. After our walk to town we returned to the boat via the beach. One crazy kid about 8, was driving an old torn up 4 wheel drive Nissan truck. He had 2 younger kids in the front and two in the back and was making a run up a sand hill unsuccessfully. He looked quite experienced as he made it the second time. A few minutes later he passed us as we approached our dinghy and felt like the kid could easily get a license without drivers training. Now the dinghy on shore was another matter. It had 3 littlekids, we are talking 3 years old and younger, naked and jumping in and out of our dinghy, pulling lines, choke, starter,fuel line, throttle, delivering sand, etc. to our dinghy. Isn't that dinghy assault? As Mike approached and said 'Hola' their little faces looked a bit startled. They all jumped out and ran away. We wiped out some sand, chuckled a little, tore through the surf and eventually started the engine as it had a little too much choke going for it! Just another lovely day in Mexico.

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