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At Chico's Paradise

Chico's Falls

Mike and Debra on tree swing

Predator Stuff

More El Eden Memorabilia

Another Beautiful Sunset in PV

Necklace I bought from a real Indian medicine man

We joined Debra and Craig again for another adventure. First we snorkeled along the beach outside of La Cruz. Visibility wasn't great but we had fun. I learned that I have a very difficult time getting my big behind without flippers into our dinghy from the water. Luckily, their boat Infinnity was anchored close by so I swam to their swim step and climbed aboard our dinghy from there. After much contemplation, Mike now has another method to try next time.

Later we hopped into their car and took another trip into Puerto Vallarta. We went to the mismaloya (river) known as Chico's Paradise, lovely place. Seems to have changed hands and they are now getting cruise ship tourists daily at their river. We were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves at the end of the day. We enjoyed the water and falls and ordered a little food and took off. We headed further up the mountain to what Craig and Debra knew as El Eden. Apparently the movie Predator, with Arnold Schwartzeneger was filmed there. They now have some cheesy relics there to commemorate the movie but it also was a beautiful place with a giant palapa nonetheless. Crazy Debra and crazy Mike swung across the river on a rope swing and both luckily made it back on land. Afterward, I have to admit I wish I had done it too. We were the only patrons there as well and left soon thereafter. We stopped by Studio Café in Nuevo Vallarta and saw a small portion of a Christmas production. The talent there was predominantly Americans. We enjoyed dinner at a little café near the dolphin swim tank and went back home early to Blue Aweigh as it is time to move on once again.

Tomorrow our goal is to make the point of Cabo Corrientes. It is likened to Point Conception in northern California without fog. The forecast is good for the next 6 days so off we go!

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