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Drive from Nelson to Blenheim

Allan Scott Winery

Herzog Winery

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After another relatively restless night sleep (for Lauren mostly) we woke up and got ready to head out of Nelson. Somehow I managed to break my suitcase (sorry Mom, the zipper was really loose when I got it), so we headed into town to buy a new one (yes, Mom, you can keep the one I bought!!!). Anyone who knows David well enough knows how challenging it can be to find somewhere that serves breakfast (in Welles lingo, that actually means lunch), so we found a delightfully unique New Zealand spot, Subway!!! We actually managed to find new luggage and headed out of Nelson. We loved this town.

We had about 225 km to Kaikoura, our next spot, but I had done my reading and knew that a town called Blenheim, in Marlborough Country, is world famous for their wineries. The road to Blenheim is un-real, about 75 km of non-stop twists and turns through the mountains without guard rails. We also noticed that there are absolutely no billboards on New Zealand highways, and only one radio station if you're lucky.

We arrived in Blenheim and visited two different wineries, one called Allan Scott and the other Herzog. For $10 NZ you can sample up to 5 different wines. You definitely have to love wine to appreciate the unique flavors, but that didn't stop us from buying a case and shipping it back to the US. It's amazing how many vineyards there are, and despite my being sure I would get arrested by the Vineyard Police, David actually convinced me to get out of the car and pick a grape or two...they pick in April so they were about the size of a baby pea now, but still actually tasted surprisingly good.

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