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Cute, but it must be on drugs. As if that's normal. I...

The Bridge over the River Kwai. Seen the movie? I haven't.

Mini Monk, catching a nap.

Now I'm really wondering why I spent so long in Bangkok. This town is only a couple of hours away and superb. It's full of history, albeit(? my spellings gone to shit) depressing, and the scenery is kickin. Beautiful rivers, waterfalls, caves and forests.

It's along the Thailand-Burma railway that the Japanese constructed during WW2. Well, they didn't construct it. It's estimated over 100,000 POW's and asian labourers lost their lives. The engineers estimated it would take 5 years to complete. It was forced through in just 20 months. The images of the work and living conditions are horrific. Emancipated workers, covered with sores and suffering from all types of tropical diseases, forced to work 16-18 hour days. It's disturbing to see what one human can do to another. I'de like to think the mentality has changed, but I know it's still out there. reality bites. When I get home I will definetly watch "The Bridge over the River Kwai". It's one of the many movies on this area, and should help reaffirm my faith in the human race. LOL. Even some of the POW's said they would like to return to this area after being released. It's that beautiful. Hard to imagine, wanting to come back after all that suffering.

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