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Nelson Golf Club

Jens Hansen - He made the ring for Lord of The Rings

The Town of Nelson

We woke up late this morning (8am) and Lauren went for a run (in her hiking boots) - while I did some checking in with work. We had nothing planned for the day so we decided to walk around town to find something for breakfast. The town of Nelson is great. It has tons of little shops and restaurants all over an 8 block area. Of course since I am the picky eater we walked the whole town before settling on a café. It was some of the best food to date. We also had a guest for breakfast - a small finch bird that sat on the back of the chair at our table while I fed it bread (I did learn Lauren hates birds) -

Lauren knew I was itching to play golf so she suggested that we go play (I swear!!) - We chose The Nelson Golf Club. We arrived at the pro shop where I asked the pro to outfit me with everything clubs, shoes, balls, and tees. It was an old Lynx style course and since we were only one golfer we played through about 6 groups. Everyone was so nice and it was absolutely beautiful out. The only weird thing was the course was right next to the airport - there was a sign that read, "Planes have right of way". The planes would land and take off within 300 feet of the 15th hole. People kept telling us that there is a hole in the ozone over NZ. So the sun was really strong. I shot an 85 with 5 double bogeys, 5 bogeys, 7 pars and 1 birdie. We had a blast. Lauren was truly one of the best caddies I ever had.

We came back to town and walked around for a quick bite - we found a fresh fruit juicer place and I was in heaven (Lauren points out how opposite we are - she sees fruit she thinks of hot fudge sundaes covered in strawberries - I think of fresh juice!) After a $6 drink we went to a small Thai restaurant and had the best chicken stir fry.

We came back to do some laundry and after a hour and 20 minutes Lauren came back with soaking wet clothes as none of our clothes had dried. Our hotel room is covered with wet clothes as we are trying to dry them out.

Dinner was amazing. We ate at The Venice Cove - an authentic Italian restaurant (yes 2 nights in a row). We had a bottle of Pinot Gris from a local vineyard - Tasman Bay - it was fantastic. After dinner Lauren was so excited to get some ice cream at Penguinio's - a local place written up in every magazine. It was supposed to be the best in the country.

We hurried from dinner and found the ice cream shoppe and it was closed. So McDonalds's sundaes for us tonight!!!!!

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