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Mummy and baby


Hungry red bum!!

Monkeys on electrical wires

I'm the one behind bars (inside a temple)

Note the wire where the monkeys have been trying to get in.



Crazy boy! What you can't see is his friend just outside the...



Sorry to those very few sad people who have been waiting anxiously for the next installment of my tales from afar! I have been super busy!

Also apologies because i've lost the cable to upload my photos with so i'll have to add them at the weeekend when i go into town.


On the 8-9th December i went to Lopburi for the weekend, known for its temples but mainly for the hundreds of very hungry monkeys that live there.

Lopburi is only about an hour from Ayuthaya but when relying on public transport it can sometimes take hours. First i boarded the local bus that stops just outside where i'm staying. A journey that usually takes 20 minutes by tuk-tuk took 2 hours as the bus literally stops every 100metres as more and more people pile on board.

At one point the lady (who i think was the conductor) got off the bus and went and knocked on a door. At which the engine was turned off and we all sat and waited for 10 minutes for whoever it was to come out and get on board!! Now thats service you don't get on Thamesdown Transport! Then we were on our way again to the train station.

When i arrived at Lopburi train station, i was taken to my hotel by one of the old style push bikes with a covered seat on the back. The man who was pedalling looked about 100 years old but was surprising speedy, winding his way through the traffic.

I had been completely unoriginal and opted for a lonely planet recommendation The Asian Lopburi Hotel, which turned out to be a rather run down chinese style hotel overlooking the old palace.If by any chance anyone every goes to Lopburi and stays here, opt for a room off the road or take some REALLY good earplugs it is super loud!

The night i stayed there was a big concert in the palace grounds and i watched out of my window as hundreds of beautifully dressed people arrived in really flash cars, stepping out onto a red carpet. I think i had the best view i the house!! Though i think my invite must have got lost in the post....

The next morning and i went for a walk around town. The area around the old palace was beautiful ( i'll try to add a photo) and really peaceful.

At the other end of town the mayhem began. This one street was like chancing your life, what with the stray dogs on the path and the monkeys on the electrical wires above your head, it was kind of scary! The monkeys are everywhere, on cars, sitting outside shops, trying to get into temples, stealing people's food and hanging from the wire above your heads.

I watched one family trying to get into their cars as monkeys climbing into their boot and pulled at their windscreen wipers.

The locals have two weapons of choice, a sling shot or a big, fat stick. Both of which appear at times to be of no use as there are monkeys coming from all directions. I took refuge in a cafe and watched with amusement!

A day in Lopburi was more than enough to see everything and i was quite glad to come back to a place where i wasn't ducking monkey's dropping things on your head and trying not to trip over dogs lying in the street.

So after my weekend in Lopburi i headed back to ayuthaya for another week at school.......

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