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Huh, I'm sitting here, looking at my trip journal and realize that I've forgotten a whole city, and a beautiful city at that. So now I'll try and recall. I've already sent the pictures home with Mike, but I think the best of them are on facebook. My arrival was even memorable, even though I'de rather forget. Having spent the day with Joona in Kuantan, I decided it would be a good idea to take the night bus to Melaka. I figured I'de arrive at 7am, having slept on the bus, and be ready for a good day of exploring. Wrong again! I arrived at 4:30am, not having slept a wink. Ugh. It was to early to go to the guest house, so I sat at the bus station for a couple of hours in a dazed state. I didn't feel comfortable falling asleep, so I sat their doing the head bob. Fighting a losing battle. Finally my body wanted to sleep. Why not on the bus? Sick of the bus station, I hopped on the first city bus and made my way to the guest house, only to repeat the same ordeal until about 8:30, when they finally woke up. Needless to say, I looked like hell and went directly to bed. So much for a good day of exploring. When I did finally wake up, I was glad I'de came.

It was one of those cities that made me wish my parents were there. Very historic and well maintained. China town was a treasure hunters dream (mom) and a people watchers haven (dad). You both could of been entertained for days. Such an amazing mix of cultures, and everyone respected their differences. A truly global little city. The food selection was amazing, and cheap. The people were helpful and friendly. I could of stayed much longer.

The number of museums was astounding. A museum for everything. My personal favourite? A whole building dedicated to the art and history of body modification. I was there for hours. It went into all the different cultures and customs, from the long necks, to the stretched ears and lips, to the tiny feet and sloped foreheads. It was amazing. Turns out I can see the long necks in Northern Thailand. I never knew.

The night market was something that had to be seen and experienced to appreciate. A very long street, lined with every type of food and souvenir, temples opened up for line dancing lessons (yes you read that correctly), and a stage with rows of seating for karaoke. Man do they love to sing. Somehow it's easier to tolerate here. Maybe it's because the people are doing it for fun, not because they're piss drunk.

After three days of exploring, it was time to move on. Back to Singapore.

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