Lauren and David in New Zealand and Fiji 2007-2008 travel blog

We had a 30 minutes flight from Wellington to Nelson. We had a small delay and decided to explore the airport. We realized that there is no metal detectors in the airport for Domestic flights. Anyone traveling Domestically in NZ - travels freely - no security checks - no nothing - you just walk on the plane - it was weird - but somehow I think I remember the US being like that when I was little. It was very efficient. As soon as all 40 of us boarded - the plane just took off- I mean there was no waiting - we were in the air within 3 minutes of the doors being shut.

We arrived at our hotel, The Rutherford, at 910pm. We were starving. We learned all the kitchens close at 9pm. After some walking around town we found an awesome bar that served "Hot Stone" dishes (picture Japonais hot rock appetizer - but with a full raw steak) that actually was delicious.

We then went back to the hotel to get some sleep as we were heading to Able Tasman National Park.

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