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Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur

KL the City

Matty & Bob our Taxi Driver - cool hat!

Arrived to KL our broken necks are healing nicely!!! Matty can even look straight ahead now unfortunately Louis never made the entire journey - the seams melted half way spilling the entire contents of our luggage all over the train!!! So the Dunnes bag's are now back in action!!!

Our first impressions of KL where really great we arrived at night and we could see the Twin Towers as soon as we got off the train!!! The city looked really beautiful all lit up. We where a little anxious getting a taxi to the hotel as the book warned us that they very commonly ripped tourists off so we where expecting to pay about 100Euro. When we where offered a price of 2Euro Matty's response was to the taxi man "I think we can just about manage that!" I thought I'd die laughing!!! Anyway got to our hotel and we where both really impressed with it. The Crown Princess - the view from our room was breath taking we could see the entire city - well recommended and only 30Euro a night makes it even sweeter!!! Our first impressions where so good we decided to stay on another night, booking both tours and our room for the next day. Mistake two - maybe half clever travelers would be inclined to check the trains out first however we do it all backwards!! Arrive to the train station all excited about going on our tour of KL only to be informed that 3rd class plastic seats/cargo are the only seats available for the next 10 days except for tonight. Bearing in mind this is a twelve hour train journey to Penang our next stop we didn't take long to make up our minds - we had to cut our loses and book the train tickets.

It's now 2pm we haven't seen an inch of KL and we are leaving at 7pm. We have to check out of our hotel cancel that nights booking, cancel our tours, collect my camera memory card and try and get money back on all of this - we did quite well actually didn't loose too much... Everybody is really friendly and although they don't have great English they are so obliging and willing to help! So now for our Rapid City Tour we hired a lovely Taxi man called Bob who wore a green and white knitted hat (luckily in fact as we would never have been able to find him otherwise!) He drove us around all the sights waited for us to take photos and have a walk around - it was great we felt like utter lazy snobs!!! He took us around for about 3 hours and it cost 30 Euro and that included a hefty tip and a picture of Bob - it was so worth it. We where actually quite pleased that we where leaving that night we've both had enough of cities at this stage - its time for some real Malaysia - so off to the train station again on our 2nd class seats - we will get this right by the end of the month!!!

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