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We left Bounty Island and after another slightly hairy boat transfer, where we had to get our bags and ourselves from a small rocking boat onto the big ferry, we soon found ourselves back on the main island of Suva. From there it was a short bus journey back to our hostel/hotel and a quiet evening having some food and drinks in the restaurant.

We were leaving Fiji the following day, but not immediately so we decided to lounge around by the pool for a while, watching the occasional mango drop into the water from the large, overhanging mango tree. The humidity had increased and storm clouds were gathering in the sky, apparently the weather forecast was really bad so I was glad we were leaving when we were. Admittadly the weather was not amazing for a few of the days we had been there but it still had not been bad overall, considering that the forecast for the week just gone had been bad as well.

Sian left to go to the airport and we said a sad farewell. It was really nice to see her again and I am sure I will see her again in the near future. Shortly after she left it started to rain and a couple of hours later I headed out to the airport myself and got on my plane to LA.

Fiji had been good fun. It was more of a relaxing beach holiday then the usual backpacking experience and for that reason I think it would have been better to stay on the more expensive resorts in luxury. These were really expensive however and I spent GBP 470 in the nine days I was there as it was! The islands were beautiful without a doubt, the coral reefs were amazing, the water crystal clear and also really warm, but without the dangerous jellyfish. It was definitely a paradise location.

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