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Bounty Island

Bounty Island beach

The jetty

The restaurant on the beach

Me in the sea

Looking out to Suva, the main island (where it is normally cloudy...

A washed up starfish

Part of the set for "Celebrity Love Island"

A sea snake

A distant island

Almost makes you energetic

Our last Fijian island was called "Bounty" Island and although not being the place where they filmed the ads for Bounty chocolate/coconut bars, it was the place where they filmed "Celebrity Love Island," that awful UK reality tv show. The island itself was the best we had seen, with the exception of the island where the movie "Castaway" was filmed (but then we couldn't stay on that one). At just over half a kilometer wide it was quite small and was completely surrounded by a sandy beach and a large coral reef just offshore.

It was a beautiful day when we arrived and after checking into our dorm room we headed straight down to the beach and did some serious relaxing on the sand and in the gentle surf. The beach was lovely and although it was difficult to walk on in places due to the pieces of dead coral that had washed ashore it was still a pleasure to be there.

We met a German guy and a girl in our dorm room that were also not a couple and we headed on to the restaurant for dinner. The food here was amazing compared to Malolo Island and it was self service so we ate as much as we could. It was wonderful. Then we headed on to the bar area for drinks, but although we had been told that the resort was almost booked out earlier there were not many people in the bar, except for a large group of young Irish girls. The DJ tried to get people up to do silly games and eventually managed to get some of the girls up, but there were not really enough people involved and the games stopped quite quickly. After a few beers everyone was in bed by 11.

The following day was also gorgeous and so after a leisurely breakfast there was some more relaxing on the beach, followed by some snorkeling. The snorkeling here was amazing. Almost immediately after leaving the beach you were swimming over a large coral reef that was teeming with fish and sea life, such as bright blue starfish. If you listened closely with your ears under the water you could could hear the fish eating stuff off the coral just below and if you swam out far enough the coral dropped away abruptly to a standard sea bed. The water was so clear though that you could quite easily see the sea bed, which must have been at least twenty feet below. I honestly thought the snorkeling here was better then Australia. The coral seems to be slightly more intact then on the Great Barrier Reef and the quality of the fish is just as good, but the coral is more easily accessable in Fiji and the water is also warmer.

After snorkeling we walked around the island which took a whole half an hour and was so much easier then the walk around Mana Island. On the other side of the island we passed the ruins of one of the buildings built for "Celebrity Love Island." Apparently it was where two people would go off by themselves to the other side of the island, but it was now falling apart. It really was a waste as the building could now have been used for other purposes and certainly if it was no longer needed it should have been dismantled properly; not just left to decay. Well, I guess thats reality TV for you.

As we were just finishing the walk we saw a sea snake in the water which apparently are really poisonous, although their fangs are so weak the only place they can pierce the skin is between the fingers or toes. If you are successfully bitten though then you almost certainly die.

In the afternoon we did some more relaxing by the beach, this time with my bottle of duty free and some coke that we bought from the overpriced bar. We met two girls from the UK who were doing the same thing, although with a bottle of gin and after a while we all headed off for dinner together and then to the bar.

This time the bar was packed, although it was mostly local Fijians and after one extremely drunk local came over and started trying to chat up one of the UK girls we found out that it was actually an office Christmas party! Nice place to come for a Christmas party. Some dancing and entertainment was put on and the DJ managed to get two of the big group of Irish girls to do a kind of tandem dance with him, much to everyones amusement. If was a good evening overall.

We were leaving the next day but not until 4pm, so we spent the morning and early afternoon relaxing again on the beach and doing more snorkeling. This time however there were some jellyfish in the water. Luckily they were not dangerous, however they were really hard to see and you would occasionally feel a sharp pain as you were swimming along. After a short while I came out of the water, only to try again later on when they seemed to have gone away somewhat.

I was really sad to leave Bounty Island as it truely was a tropical paradise destination, however there was not much else to do except for relax and snorkel. This is fantastic for a short time but I was starting to get bored when I wasn't snorkeling. Still, after my trip there I was incredibly relaxed.

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