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Chacala anchorage

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We stayed for two days at this calm anchorage. Chacala is a relaxed and low key little town. There is a small RV park on the beach. Only shorts and t-shirts are worn daily as the weather is lovely. Most days the temp is about 80F and the nights cool down to about 68F. For those of you that haven't really seen much of the Mexican coast, you would be surprised how stunningly beautiful it is. The lushness and beginnings of development abound down here. On the coast there are many new and beautiful homes. It makes places like the southern California coastline look like a desert.

We took the dinghy to shore which was quite close and managed to land through the surf . This is quite a new experience for me. We hiked all around this tiny old town and found the main road that leads out of town towards Puerto Vallarta. We took a turn off so we could get some exercise and hiked along a hillside to a large, hidden away home under construction. Hiked back and snorkeled for a while. Saw lots of sting rays in the sand while snorkeling. We got much wetter on our return dinghy ride.

Some have asked how we like this type of travel, living in close quarters, etc. For us, most of the time, this lifestyle is great. We meet lots of interesting people just like us that are taking the leap to enjoy living now rather than waiting till they're too old to physically enjoy it. This is a lifestyle that can be physically challenging at times. Everyone we meet has a different yet similar story to tell about how they afforded this and why they are doing it. All and all the consensus is that the discovery and adventure of this lifestyle is the most appealing part. Most cruisers are couples but some are families that are homeschooling their kids along the way. In the anchorage in Chacala for example there were two boats with families. Both sets of kids appeared to be friends and were all fishing and riding in the dinghy together. Because just living is the priority each day, it is pretty easy to spend so much time together. Cooking is usually a welcome diversion. In addition, I am blessed to be spending each day with my best friend. He pushes my limits, in a good way, almost daily which only adds to this incredible experience.

It is our wish that each and every one of you that ever thought you would want to do something like this will take the time to make it happen sometime in your life. As we know, life is short.

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