Lauren and David in New Zealand and Fiji 2007-2008 travel blog

Outside W Hotel In Los Angeles

Beowulf in 3D

Lindsey and Brian

We arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday night and we went out to eat with Lindsey and her "New Beau" - Brian. To all Lauren's friends curious about him - well we sure liked him.

I woke up at 4:45am to golf with my friend Pete We went to a course called Brookside - it is actually right outside the Rose Bowl. It was 31 degrees at tee off. It did eventually warm up to 65 degrees and I lost to Pete for the first time ever - He played really well.

We had all day to kill in LA so we decided to go see Beowulf in 3-D - it was definitely a movie Meklir would give an 8 - everyone else would have walked out after 30 minutes.

We met Brian again with Lindsey for dinner at Gulf stream - we had to leave by 8- to make the 830 check in time - but of course Lindsey and Lauren together means non stop chatter and losing sense of time - so at 815 when they took a breath we realized we were late - and Lindsey "Mario Andretti" got us to the airport in time.

LA International airport should be its own country. We felt like we were waiting on line at Ellis Island in the early 20th century. We have never seen so many people with 12+ bags of luggage - We had our hopes up after we paid to upgrade to business class- so excited and high- fiving - and counter person with Credit card in hand - she comes back to let us know we will be on stand by for Business class- well - we ended up in row 66 out of 70 - but had 2 seats alone by ourselves - so it was ok

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