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A full day in Bangkok - visiting more Buddhas - I've had enough of temple visits for Bangkok. Took a river trip today - mostly dirty water - we were able to buy bread on a floating dock to feed the carp - thousands of them all looking for their tourist food.

Visited the reclining Buddha today - huge Buddha with thousands of people trying to take photos - it's all part of the experience.

I stopped at the "backpackers street" today - thousands of young people from all over - each looking for a pick-up - 75% of them all sporting new tatoos. Had a great lunch of Thai food - really is wonderful food.

Headed to Chiang Mai tonight for an overnight train trip - now that should be an adventure. We depart at 6pm and arrive at 7:30am.

My room mate is a retired MD from Toronto - he is 72 years - and I thought I would be the old one on the trip. Anyway we have kept busy talking about our medical experiences over the years.

Photos to follow when I get to Chiang Mai.

Waiting to hear about the NH primary -- looks like America is headed for change --- THANK GOD!


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