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My new book-writing environment

Whew, I timed that right, I managed to escape Canada just days before the cold weather and snow arrived! And 4 flights and 24 hours later, I was stepping off the plane in Grenada. Back to the Caribbean. Back to the island I left 2 months ago.

Things in Grenada changed a bit while I was away. For one thing, it's not as hot here now as when I left. That oppressive near 40 degree summer heat has cooled down to the low 30's these days, which feels downright pleasant! You can actually brave the sunny outdoors without instantly being vaporized, and you can even wear a t-shirt without it becoming a sweaty soggy smelly mess in a matter of minutes.

There are also less mosquitoes and sandflies nipping at my skin. That's not to say there aren't any bugs around, just that I'm not getting bitten quite as much as I was before! There's at least one cruise ship in port every day now compared to the one per week we saw before, and the streets are once again filled with tourists and foreign residents who have come to Grenada to escape another winter back home. And every day there are more sailboats returning to Grenada waters after having spent the summer months cruising their favourite hurricane hideouts.

If I had a plan - not that I'm very good at making or sticking to plans these days - but if I had one it would be to stay on Grenada until I finish writing this bloody book. Or until I die of old age. Some days I really wonder which will come first! I'm starting to get back into the writing groove again, but it always takes me a while to find my comfy little writing spot when I arrive in a new place. This time it seems to be outside on my front patio where I face a big palm tree and have a great ocean view. Not sure about you, but I can think of worse places to sit and write and escape the winter!

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