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Bull crossing the road

Nadi beach

The bure at Club Fiji

Migrating frog... the hot pink sideburns are to attract a mate

"Bula!" can be heard at every turn in Fiji... it's akin to 'Aloha', though it just doesn't have the same warmth and ring to it, and I'm not sure about the origins of 'Bula'....

The close to 11 hour plane ride was much better than I expected- it was @2/3 full...

I had a feeling before I left that I was going to be disappointed by Vitu Levu (the main island of Fiji)- which is good, in that I wasn't nearly as disappointed when I arrived at my hotel (formerly a hostel) on the Nadi (pronounced Nahndi) coast. The "beach" was more of a tidal mud flat- once I actually crossed over the flat, I walked out over 100 yards and was still standing in ankle/ calf deep water. The hills were beautiful- were I to go back with money (everything was twice as expensive as my 5 year old guide book had indicated) I'd love to check out some of the hikes on a smaller island. There isn't much on Vitu Levu, though. It did serve as a nice warm up station for reading and sunbathing.

Heaps of frogs (btwn 2-4 in. tall) migrated out to the beach every night at sunset- they then burried themselves in the sand for the night... not sure exactly why. Safety from night predators? Temperature control?

I didn't realize that Fiji has @ a 29% unemployment rate... there's definitely a struggle between people trying to maintain the laid-back, all accepting, Fiji time attitude and jumping on the tourists to extract as much as possible as soon as possible (before someone else gets to them). I hadn't expected that sort of desperation, and it was sad to see.

I had an interesting dream on the first of my two nights there; I was being taught how to paint my face in preparation for a ceremony on the island. Very positive.

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