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Mari, Ernestine,Thun, & Tim at STM Bus Station Heading S.

Same Bus Station, Thun(back), Ernestine,Mari, & Bon

Buzzard Watching Our Bus

Mat Sales Along the Route W. Towards Niger

Dec 4 Returning to Ouagadougou on the 730 bus was much more pleasant than our trip down largely because we had gotten our tickets 2 days in advance and got seats up front with plenty of leg room. Checked into Le Pavilion Vert and now at internet just like we planned ! Wow I think this is a first. Got tickets for Niamey, Niger also...need to be at bus station at at 5 AM tomor and there are no reserved seats, first come first served, hmmm this will be interesting since it is purported to be an 11 hour trip ! Saw Dutch couple(Anthony-Thun & Ernestine) briefly before coming here and they are on the same bus .

OBSERVATION : It seems to me that most if not all travellers have very similar opinions re : world situation...too many people, putting too much pressure on too few resources, corrupt govts. And NGOs spending too much on support staff and 4wd vehicles , $$$ to give better health is saving lots of people who then procreate bigger families with no employment other than subsistance or less . Anthony(he was an agronomist for UN) says it comes down to intensive(ie corporate) agriculture competing w / subsistence agriculture using water and pesticides putting both out of balance with one another in terms of how the land is finally "played out"(no longer useable). Deforestation and subsequent desertification also continue to alter the landscape irrepareably. This competition increases the stresses between subsistance agriculture and herders /nomads after corporate/intensive ag leaves and this in turn creates the conditions for more genocides to come !!

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